WP Engine Review

Do you have a WordPress blog or website and searching for a web hosting?

WP Engine is one the best WordPress web hosting companies on the web in the present scenario. WP Engine was founded in 2010 but over the years it has increased its popularity among WordPress websites.Along with some incredible features, they have a great customer support which is always there for you when you need them.
There are many web hosting service providers on the internet like Hostgator, Bluehost, Dreamhost, etc but WP Engine stand out from the rest of them by offering some great and unique features.

Some of the features and benefits of WP Engine over some other WordPress Web Hosting providers are:

1. WP Engine provides unlimited speed

Everyone knows how important speed is for any website or blog. Google and other search engines consider the speed of a website as an important ranking factor in the search results. If you want to rank higher in the search engines, then your website should load faster than your competitors.
WP Engine has a built-in CDN which helps to increase the website speed. A website that runs on WP Engine is actually 4-5 times faster than the sites which are hosted by other hosting provider companies. This is possible because of their robust front-end technology.
Their advanced caching feature reduces your website server load which makes your site lighting speed.

2. Impervious security

Although it is difficult to hack a WordPress website a highly trained hacker can easily hack your website. If you host your website on WP Engine, then your website is in safe hands.
WP Engine implements PHP tuning which disallows dangerous or malicious commands made by hackers. They frequently scan your website to check any vulnerability and they also do a lot of testing to make your site secure.
Even if your website gets hacked, then WP Engine will completely recover your website for FREE. The other web hosting services might charge you hundreds of dollars in order to get your website back.

3.Expect Everything

This slogan which is there on WP Engine’s homepage let you know that they provide all the services listed on every hosting plan of theirs. There are many plans available but they are based on how much you can use it. Even if you select their smallest package, they will let you use each and every tool they’ve developed.
Some of their items are the daily backup and one-click restore process. It also includes multiple firewalls to keep your website or blog safe.

4. WordPress Only

The best thing about their hosting is that they only host websites which are made in WordPress. They are the experts in this content management system and they offer the best tools and equipment that are specially developed to optimize WordPress sites.
They have the most knowledgeable tech team when it comes to WordPress and they log over more than eight hundred support hours each and every day. If you want to develop a site using WordPress, then this might be the best option for you.

Pros and Cons of WP Engine Hosting:


  1. WordPress Genius:
    They are the expert in WordPress and their only focus is to host and maintain WordPress websites.
  2. Highly Secure Backups:
    They provide daily backup which is really impressive and just with one click you can easily restore your website if it is hacked or in any data loss.
  3. Evercache: Their caching technology is very impressive which boost the speed of your website.
  4. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you cancel your subscription within the first 60 days then the complete subscription fee would be refunded.
  5. Used By Industry Leaders:
    WP Engine is widely used by the industry leaders and top brands such as SoundCloud, Asana and much more.


  1. No Uptime tracking:
    There are no plans available which ensure an uptime guarantee and server data is also not available.
  2. Limitations in Support
    There are fixed hours for the chat support and if you get the personal plan, then there is no phone support.
  3. It’s Costly:
    WP Engine is expensive than other web hosting service providers. Their cheapest plan starts from $29 per month.


The people behind WP Engine know how to efficiently host a WordPress website and how to improve its efficiency.Their CMS is so versatile that you can have any type of webpage using WordPress and still it will run the website perfectly.
If you want to select the best hosting for WordPress, then WP Engine easily beats their competition at every aspect from security to speed.